How to become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is not an act reserved for large companies: 96% of sponsoring companies are VSEs or SMEs.

In France, it is encouraged and supervised by numerous legal and tax provisions. Patronage can become a real strategic tool, aiming to optimise its impact on the cause supported.

It contributes to the visibility of your company in the chosen sphere and creates real intangible added value for your company.

Contact us and let’s discuss together the theme towards which you would like to accompany the Endowment Fund. We will then discuss the basis for an agreement.

The statutes of the IAE Paris-Sorbonne Endowment Fund will be at your disposal on request.

Tax benefits related to sponsorship


COMPANIES that make a financial commitment to an endowment fund can benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of their payments, up to a limit of 5‰ of the turnover.

The link below will answer all your questions in terms of taxation:



Nous remercions nos 1ers partenaires et ceux qui nous rejoignent pour leur soutien

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