ETI Chair


The ETI Chair seeks to understand the levers for creating economic, social and environmental value in the territories. To do this, it analyses the impact of technological, ecological and societal changes on territories: how can urban change be understood? How can we think about the smart city by putting the individual at its heart? How to create dynamics of entrepreneurship or innovation in the various types of territories (metropolises, peripheral areas, medium-sized cities, territories in decline)? Finally, what are the new territories, actors and practices of entrepreneurship and innovation? This chair focuses on several research areas: Smart City & Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Social and Inclusion, Environment and Sustainable Development.

Alternative financing for the agricultural sector

The FINAGRI Chair takes place in a context of strong budgetary constraints and the progressive evolution of the agricultural sector for an increased consideration of environmental aspects and more generally of sustainability objectives, while respecting the requirement of viability and competitiveness of farms and agricultural sectors.

The principle of this research chair is to bring together agricultural cooperatives, such as Invivo, France’s leading agricultural cooperative group, INRA, the Institut National de Recherche Agronomique or the Avril cooperative on the one hand, and financial players on the other.

M&V Chair
Brands & Values

The aim of the Brands & Values Chair is to promote the creation, dissemination and exchange of knowledge on the issues facing organizations today in terms of brand management (employer brands, responsible brands, brand resistance, consumer-citizens, interactions on social networks…) and different components (marketing, HR, strategy, finance, legal…).

MAI Chair
Changes – Anticipations – Innovation


The aim of the MAI Chair is to elucidate the changes at work and to anticipate their consequences on employment, skills and work.

 It seeks to identify social innovations emerging from the field in order to discuss them and assess the conditions for their dissemination.   


MGCF Chaire
Management and governance of financial cooperatives

IAE Paris-Sorbonne and Groupe BPCE, through the Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires and the Fédération Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne, have joined forces to create a Research Chair dedicated to the Management and Governance of Financial Cooperatives. This Chair carries out applied research, in direct contact with the concerns of the cooperative sector to contribute to its development.

EPPP Chair
Economics of Public and Private Partnerships



The EPPP Chair is the result of cooperation between several public and private actors and the IAE of Paris.

Created in 2009, it studies the challenges of public-private partnerships in the broadest sense of the term (concessions, partnership contracts, public contracts).

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