The word of the President

Through its Endowment Fund, the IAE de Paris-Sorbonne Business School extends its mission by promoting a spirit of progress, a humanist commitment and strong social action, which are at the heart of its DNA.

In a complex world, with a globalized context where the economic crisis goes hand in hand with the environmental crisis and social challenges, the IAE de Paris-Sorbonne Endowment Fund is a key tool to go even further. At a time when the walls that are being erected everywhere are barriers to the development of transversality, the Endowment Fund creates bridges to bring public and private actors together around new initiatives.

The aim is to encourage actions that converge with innovative ecosystems: supporting the creation and development of Chairs, encouraging inclusive entrepreneurship, promoting high-level actions towards new management players, generating transdisciplinary attractiveness, opening up new applied thematic avenues.

We want to contribute today to imagine and create together the transformations of tomorrow!

The value of an Endowment Fund

The IAE of Paris-Sorbonne Business School has created, by deliberation of its Board of Directors on July 9, 2014, an Endowment Fund whose purpose is the development of higher education and scientific research in the field of organizational management. The will of the founders was to gather in an autonomous structure, representatives of the IAE Paris-Sorbonne and the economic world, with a double interest :

  • To allow the financing of projects defined by its board of directors: combining research work and its applications for the IAE Paris-Sorbonne and for the actors of the socio-economic world.
     To allow a great flexibility for the realization of projects by subjecting them to the regime of the common law in particular for the attribution of research grants.
l'IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School



Today, the Endowment Fund is composed of members from the IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, external persons representing companies, including the President, but also individuals and institutions whose motivations are common to those of the Endowment Fund.

Our vocation

Strengthen public action and in particular that of IAE Paris-Sorbonne through various actions of general interest financed by private funds through patronage. In this privileged environment, the patron is a real actor in the realization of projects for the development of research and teaching.
This involvement reinforces the donors to pursue their relationship and ensures sustainable growth for the Endowment Fund and a fortiori for the IAE Paris-Sorbonne.
This close partnership, through the work and results obtained, legitimizes the sponsor’s financial contribution, gives it visibility and encourages the renewal of its commitment.
The IAE Paris-Sorbonne Endowment Fund is in this respect the instrument that ensures the interests of the IAE Paris-Sorbonne and that of donors through the creation of research chairs.

Hedi YEZZA, EDC Paris Business School

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family BusinessHead of Strategy and Management DepartmentHead of Strategy and Management Department

Romain Berrou, Finagri Chair

Doctoral student at IAE Paris Doctoral School of Management of Paris Sorbonne FINAGRI Chair