The IAE Paris-Sorbonne Endowment Fund is a legally autonomous entity whose purpose is to support the development of IAE Paris-Sorbonne. The projects it carries out are chosen in partnership with IAE Paris-Sorbonne and are consistent with its strategic plan.


The Endowment Fund is composed of members from IAE Paris-Sorbonne Business School, and external persons, including the President, representing companies or acting in the direction of the purpose of the Endowment Fund.

Board of Directors

  • Didier CHABAUD, University Professor and Managing Director of the ETI Chair at IAE Paris-Sorbonne
    Isabel BORNET, Professional Coach and President of the Alumni Association, IAE Paris Alumni
    Guy LACROIX, Company Manager President of the Union of Climatic and Electrical Engineering Companies (Syndicat des Entreprises du Génie Climatique et Electrique)
    Eric LAMARQUE, University Professor, Director of the IAE Paris-Sorbonne Business School
    Jean Claude PERRIN, Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategy at GEMALTO
    Géraldine MICHEL, University Professor and Director of Research at the IAE Paris-Sorbonne

Management of the Endowment Fund

  • Virginie Lorne, Secretary General
  • Laurence Macaluso, Legal Counsel