Research activities

Much research, supported by the Endowment Fund, is at the heart of the crisis we are going through. It is therefore very concrete that we are supporting innovation.
Firstly, by encouraging research activities on the theme of innovation.
This has made it possible to develop conditions conducive to the emergence of ecosystems, which are an essential crucible for innovation.


We also work in a specific context and on specific themes, such as that of territories and cities: a field of research specific to the Entrepreneurship-Territory-Innovation Chair. We remain convinced that a management school such as IAE Paris-Sorbonne must also address societal issues.

More than ever, the period reinforces our belief that territories and cities are areas where innovation is highly anticipated, particularly with Smart cities, the quarter-hour city, new forms of mobility, social responsibility policies and environmental issues.

It is therefore necessary and essential that innovation be encouraged to make territories and cities evolve in order to maintain their attractiveness.

Finally, entrepreneurs are essential to bring this innovation to fruition, develop it and then deploy it.

Therefore, the entrepreneurial aspect is essential and requires supporting existing companies, encouraging the creation of start-ups and helping them to develop. To move forward in this direction, three factors must be brought together:

Identifying a promising theme on which innovation is a priority.
Fostering innovation around the Chair’s themes.
Deploying this innovation through entrepreneurial approaches.
In this context, we are currently working on the development of the next two chairs on Risk Uncertainty and Standards (RIN) and Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Our approach follows the same thread: to bring a societal dimension and reflect on innovation and entrepreneurship, in France but also with the international dimension.



Christophe Sabet

Responsible of Financing and R&D Partnerships

Camille Henrion, Clus’Ter Jura

Doctoral student at IAE Paris Doctoral School of Management of Paris Sorbonne

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